2017-03 Andamans with Ola (English)

I was fortunate sneak away to get some days fishing with my good friend Ola Persson, during my last work trip to Kolkata. As always food was great and the operators provided a five star service. The first days we fished with Qutubuddin Taher and Guy from Andaman Game Fishing, and the last day with David’s operation from Barefoot.

Over the years I did a few trip to Andamans, and the general impression is that the amount of meaningless administration and discomfort increase every year. More paperwork every year, and more Indian low budget travelers flooding into Havelock, spreading plastic like there is no tomorrow. In addition it seems like the local authorities does not want sports fishermen in the area, and most hotels will only take in costumers with dive packages. Major hot spots are closed arbitrarily by local authorities and compared to previous years, fishing was slower, despite very hard work with the rods by Ola and myself. We only had one really good day in the waters “close” to Havelock, and a couple of days that best sums up to barely passing the mark. Just previous month the fishing was said to have been outstanding, but we had to pop very hard for every fish, and did not have contact with more than a couple of GT over 20 kg. While we did have some fantastic moments during our two trips to Incredible and Invisible banks, the fishing was slower also here compared to previous trips. Highlights on these two excursions half way to Burma was a giant smelly barracuda that took my tuna rig and that Guy landed with little effort, my 250 kilos tiger shark when fishing for doggy (cut the line 3 meter under the boat), and Ola’s nice 20+ doggy. Good jigging there Mr Persson!

We also had some moment of good popping out on 50+ meters on Incredible banks (wahoo and even a grouper that came up), and ran into the GT jigging nursery as usual, but also jigging was slower than we hoped for. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was the fifteen (!) commercial fishing boats from Port Blair, raping the banks when we got out there. Who knows. I missed a really good GT out on Invincible banks – around 40 kilos – and last day a MEGA grouper just rolled up and swallowed my Halco Roosta popper. My estimation of this fish is 50+ kilos after having caught grouper around 40 kg in Kenya, but at 7 meters depth I did not stand a chance and broke my Fox Pop just above the handle, while trying to stop this express train from reefing me. After this magnificent fish, I lifted my blue fish cap to Andamans and said thank you for many fantastic adventures during the last five years. New adventures lies ahead elsewhere but see you again some time! And Qutub, I hope to see you in Sweden this year. 😉


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