Three days fishing in Kenya with Alex, 2017-08

Sunday popping in Malindi, Kenya with Alex Holroyd and Angus Paul. Species caught; GT, wahoo, barracuda, yellowfin tuna and bonitos. Tuna sashimi tonight. :-)

Best popping for GT ever. Nineteen landed, about ten touching 20 kilos. Three closer to 30 kilos. Amazing day with Alex Holroyd and Angus Paul.

Another fantastic day popping in Kenya with Alex Holroyd, Angus Paul and Arran Paul. Fourteen landed with top over 35 kilos (even 40+ according to Angus). Only three was under 20 kilos. Amazing strikes, often by wolf packs of several GT:s competing to get the popper. Golden Halco ruled today with 8 landed. So grateful to have the chance to visit this fantastic part of the world.


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